Literary writing prompts

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December Writing Prompts - Writing prompt topics include: Rosa Parks, the phonograph and CD's, Human Rights Day, Snow and the first day of winter, and more. Don't miss our other Monthly Activities, Lesson Plans, and Resources.

Here are 20 interesting literature response questions to use for discussion during literature circles or as writing prompts. You can get all 64 Lit Spark Question cards here.

20 Literature Response Questions for Any Book

You can share your writing prompts by clicking the link below. Challenge: Use the random writing prompt on the left and incorporate the random literary device shown below the prompt. Share a writing prompt. This step-by-step literature response template for use with read-alouds asks students to use drawing and writing to respond to increasingly-complex prompts which address literary elements as well as personal connections.

Musical Creative Writing Prompts. If you’re tired of writing about the same old topics, If you keep to short stories, you might want to look at these Rankings of Literary Magazines. If any of these prompts are especially helpful, I would love to hear about it in the comments section.

Expository - Informational Writing: Prompt 4: Narrative - Writing a Fictional Story: Grade 2: Prompt 1: Narrative - Writing an "All About Me" Story: Response to Literature - Writing a Letter to an Author: Grade 8: Prompt 1: Technical Documents - Writing an Explanation of a Process.

Literary writing prompts
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