Preventing crosscontamination in pharmaceutical production essay

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Avoiding Cross-Contamination in Antibiotic Manfacturing, the FDA Way

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No Place to Hide: Preventing Cross-Contamination

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Cross-contamination in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Why is it so dangerous?

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Cross contamination can occur either by introduction of micro-organisms to the product or by other pharmaceutical products in the mixed plant manufacturing. Studies showed that main contamination within pharmaceutical production occurs by people, air, equipment, water and or raw materials.

However, tanks are often placed directly in hygienically sensitive environments and thus are subject to the cleaning procedures prevalent in pharmaceutical production.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) puts great emphasis on the prevention of cross-contamination. Guidance applies to production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished products.

APIs can be sensitising compounds capable of causing anaphylactic shock and as such cross-contamination has a similar risk in ingredients as in finished products.

Essay on Preventing Crosscontamination in Pharmaceutical Production - Introduction This assignment will be exploring the areas in production how it is regulated and controlled. It is exploring the rules governing the pharmaceutical production.

• To minimise the risk of medical hazard due to cross-contamination, dedicated and self-contained facilities should be available for particular medicinal products e.g. beta lactum products, antibiotics, hormones, cytotoxic, drugs manufactured from live microorganisms. PharmOut white paper: Prevention of Contamination and Cross-Contamination in Medicinal Manufacturing Facilities PharmOut Pty Ltd, ABN: 85Unit 10, 24 Lakeside Drive, Burwood East, Victoria

Preventing crosscontamination in pharmaceutical production essay
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Different Types Of Contamination, Causes And Prevention For Pharmaceutical Industry